The 2011 Tour De Gap bike ride was a huge success.  The event drew more cyclists than ever this year.  The ride was a LOT of fun and all proceeds will benefit the Food Bank Of West Central Texas.

My wife Kathy and I rode the 27-mile route.  We finished together with a time of just over 1 hour and 47 minutes. Our average speed over the route was 15 miles per hour.  We will definitely do it again next year.

We met some truly nice people at the event from all over the state.  A couple of experienced riders from San Angelo parked next to us as we were unloading our bikes.  One of the guys was a cancer survivor who was there to take on the 52-mile route.  And riders ranged in age from kids under 12 to adults well over 60 years old.

If you're looking for a physical activity that will get you in great shape and minimize impact on your joints, I can highly recommend riding a bike.  I'll be back on the road again this afternoon at around 4:30 to see if I can work out some stiffness over about 15 miles.  Congratulations to Jim Macdonald and the staff at Bike Town, who hosted the event, and to all of the sponsors who made it possible.  You can see the sponsors and complete race results at


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