'Alex Cross' doesn't open until Friday and we just reviewed it unfavorably, but that's not stopping Tyler Perry and book writer James Patterson from finalizing a deal on a sequel called 'Double Cross.'

Deadline is reporting that the deal is pretty much done, though if the first film doesn't do particularly well, this will probably fall away. Perry is only attached to star, and if he follows course from 'Alex Cross' that means he won't write, direct or produce the sequel. And while 'Alex Cross' may look like a sleek mid-budget action movie, the film was actually done for $25 Million, which means that the tipping point for a sequel (especially if Perry fans decide to either go see it theatrically or own the film once it hits home video) is relatively low. Even if 'Alex Cross' opens to less than twenty million, a $40-$50 Million domestic tally might be enough to get a second film going if they can keep the costs down.

The book 'Double Cross' has Cross out of the crime-fighting game, only to be brought back in when an attention-seeking serial killer/criminal mastermind strikes Washington D.C. Unfortunately it does not sound as if the story has anything to do with twins, which could lead to great tag lines like "Double the Cross, double the trouble," et cetera.

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