A meteor is reported to have hit in the Chelyabinsk area of Russia, east of Moscow in the Ural mountains. Here are some amateur videos from witnesses.

In this video you hear a large boom, and see damage from a shockwave from the impact, hear glass breaking and car alarms,  and what sounds like secondary explosions.

The person that loaded this video reported "before the explosion was a bright flash, like a nuclear glow, all was quiet, I went to the balcony to remove the trace of a cloud flash".

From both videos it appears that the meteorite exploded before making impact, and you can hear what sound like secondary blasts.

This video is shot from a vehicle, if not fake, this is the shot of a lifetime...

Russian authorities are giving conflicting reports at this time. With one spokesperson from Russia's Emergency Ministry reporting that it was a meteor shower, with multiple strikes, and another spokes person with the same agency reporting that it was a single meteor.

The Governor's office in the region of the Ural mountains reports that their have been reports of injuries, and lots of damage, but could not be specific.

More to come...

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