Former Kiss guitarist Vinnie Vincent is reportedly scheduled to make a rare public appearance early next year.

Vincent, who's generally kept a low profile over the last couple of decades, is a surprise addition to the lineup for 2018's Atlanta Kiss Expo. Scheduled for Jan. 19-20 at a venue still to be determined, the event is set to feature a number of Vincent-centric activities, including a question-and-answer session, autograph availability, and photo opportunities — all depending on the level of access purchased by attendees.

As listed at the official Atlanta Kiss Expo site, packages are split into three levels: silver, pink, and VIP. Costs start at $45 for silver, rising to $75 for pink, and jumping to $289 for the VIP level, limited to 100 passes. Guests can also purchase an "I Was There" poster for an additional $15.

Vincent himself has yet to comment on his attendance, but the Expo site promises a "special message" from the guitarist to be posted Sept. 1; the company's also prepping a "world premiere" promo video for the event.

While this is far from the first Kiss Expo that Vincent has agreed to attend, it'll mark the first time he's resurfaced — let alone publicly acknowledged his turbulent history with the band — in years. More recently, he's attracted a greater degree of attention for his legal troubles and apparent financial woes than his art; here's hoping whatever announcement he makes next month includes evidence of new music in the works.

To read a more detailed breakdown of Vincent's schedule at the Atlanta Kiss Expo or to purchase tickets, visit the event website.

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