Did you know the type of dog you have can effect your dating life? Just like first impressions of people, the type of dog you own can automatically make an impression on a potential date!

From "high maintenance" to "family man" your dog can pretty much make you or break you in the dating world.

The pet app Klooff surveyed 1,000 unattached dog lovers and found the best dog breeds you should own to get a date. Plus, certain dog breeds might be scaring a date away!

Top breeds that were found to help singles out in the dating scene included Retrievers and German Shepherds for men, and Chihuahuas and Retrievers for women.

However, appearances can be deceiving, because some "attractive" breeds, like the Chihuahua, may give potential daters the wrong idea about you - especially if you're a woman.

Apparently, not many men see Paris Hilton or 'Legally Blonde's' Elle Woods as "girlfriend material," because the majority of men surveyed suggested that a woman who owns a Chihuahua is more likely to be judged as "dumb" and "a one-night stand."

For men, owning a Retriever implies that the owner is a "great dad," and that owning a Siberian Husky is "manly." But men who own another macho breed, the Bulldog, beware, because the ladies are more likely to think you're just a one-night-stand.


Top dog breeds to attract men

1. Golden Retrievers

2. Labrador Retrievers

3. Chihuahuas

4. Poodles

5. Beagles

Top dog breeds that attract women

1. German Shepherds

2. Golden Retrievers

3. Labrador Retrievers

4. Siberian Huskies

5. French Bulldogs

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