Ever wondered how cold it can get in Texas? Most already know that the Lone Star State is famous for its scorching summers, but even this sun-baked state has had its share of bone-chilling days.

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Texas is not the state you think about when it comes to harsh brutal winters; however, artic blasts are a different story. The National Weather Service has data that goes back a long time. Below you'll find the coldest nights on record for the state as a whole, as well as various cities across Texas.



February 1899, Tulia: -23°F (-30.6°C)

Talk about frigid. Back in February 1899, Tulia turned into a winter wonderland when the mercury plummeted to a jaw-dropping -23°F. That's colder than a typical winter day in Alaska.

February 1933, Seminole: -23°F (-30.6°C)

History repeated itself in 1933. Seminole matched Tulia's icy record, reminding us that Texas can indeed experience extreme cold.


January 1930, Stratford: -22°F (-30°C)

Stratford wasn't far behind with temperatures sinking to -22°F in January 1930. The kind of weather to break out your long underwear.

February 2021, Statewide: -2°F to 0°F (-18.9°C to -17.8°C)

More recently, in February 2021, a massive cold wave hit Texas, affecting power and water supply. Though it's not the absolute coldest on record, it was certainly widespread and made an impact.


December 1989, Dalhart: -22°F (-30°C)

Dalhart experienced a Christmas to remember in 1989 when temperatures dropped to a bone-chilling -22°F. Cold enough to cause Santa to need extra layers that year.

Below is a list of record lows from various cities across the state, courtesy of the National Weather Service.

Abilene - 9 below zero set in 1947

Amarillo - 16 below zero set in 1899

Austin - 2 below zero set in 1949

Beaumont - 10 degrees set in 1906

Brownsville - 12 degrees set in 1899

Corpus Christi - 11 degrees set in 1899

Dallas/Fort Worth - 8 below zero set in 1899

El Paso - 8 below zero set in 1962

Galveston - 8 degrees set in 1899

Houston - 5 degrees set in 1930 and 1940

Lubbock - 17 below zero set in 1933

Midland/Odessa - 11 below zero set in 1985

San Angelo - 4 below zero set in 1989

San Antonio - 0 degrees set in 1949

Waco - 5 below zero set in 1949 and 1899

Wichita Falls - 12 below zero set in 1947

There you have it, a peek at some of the coldest days in Texas history. It's fascinating to see how even a state known for its heat can surprise us with such icy records. Remember, when in Texas, the weather can be unpredictable - so always stay prepared.

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