What's life without pets? I grew up with lots of pets.  Do you remember your first pet?

When I was growing up, we had a dog, a couple of rabbits, gerbils and a duck. I loved them all, but really my first pet was our sweet dog Pero.

Right before I was born, a couple of neighborhood kids stopped by our house in Houston and had a little dachshund/beagle puppy. They pleaded with my dad to take the puppy otherwise it was going to the pound. Well, my dad couldn't say no, especially since 3 of my other siblings were right there showing their best 'sad brown cow eyes'!

Pero, by the way is Spanish for 'Dog'. Yes, one of my sisters was taking Spanish at school. Pero grew up with me and was protective of me. More than anything he was my friend. Always happy to see me and if I was sad, he was right there to lick my face and make me happy. Pero lived 16 years. He was part of the family and he was a great dog!

What was your first pet? A dog, cat, rabbit, snake? What was their name?

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