I had an unexpected event happen to me over the weekend. Unfortunately, it didn't have anything to do with gathering some friends before a game, grilling some food, and having some cold drinks. I wish it had. Nope, this kind of tailgating deals with driving in Abilene.

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Because of dangerous tailgating, I was rear-ended. Thankfully, it was not a big deal. Both parties were unharmed and the vehicles were only scuffed. Still, this goes to show you that folks follow entirely too close on the streets of Abilene. Not only does it happen to me but I see it done to other drivers on the road.

Photo: Shelley Edmondson
Photo: Shelley Edmondson

Am I the only one that thinks this is a problem? We all have places to be. Driving so close behind me is not going to get you there any faster. What's so magical about tailgating anyway?

I'd take caution. According to a blog on the traffic ticket website Win It, tailgating is a criminal offense, a Class C Misdemeanor which means you could face jail time and a criminal record. Tailgating tickets in Texas can cost upwards of $175 dollars in fines. Depending on your circumstances, it could involve even more costs. All for what? It's just plain dangerous.

Sec. 545.062 (a) of the Texas Transportation code states:

An operator shall, if following another vehicle, maintain an assured clear distance between the two vehicles so that, considering the speed of the vehicles, traffic, and the conditions of the highway, the operator can safely stop without colliding with the preceding vehicle or veering into another vehicle, object, or person on or near the highway.

Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

If I can get rear-ended, anyone can. It's never a bad idea to throw out some defensive driving tips. Experts recommend leaving 2-3 seconds of space between you and the other driver. Other tips include:

  • Focusing on the Road
  • Giving Yourself Enough Time
  • Being Aware of Your Surroundings
  • Keeping Your Speed Down
  • Drive With the Flow of Traffic
  • Cut Out Distractions

Look, nobody likes car accidents. They're time-consuming and a lot of the time cost money. Who needs that? Let's all continue to be cautious and safe out there.

Some of the coolest street cars are right here in Abilene and they're all coming out for another Cruise Night on April 8th. Make your plans and get ready now. For a taste of what you'll see, just look below.


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