A man who works as a janitor for an Oregon school district is in the Multhomah County jail, with a few bruises and scratches, after he allegedly tried to videotape a woman in the bathroom stall of a pub, but she decided he wouldn't get away without some damage.

The incident occurred June 11th, but just this week 24-year-old Joshua Lockman was arrested by Sheriff's deputies. He is facing charges of invasion of privacy and harassment after allegedly sticking his cellphone under the door of the stall, and trying to videotape the 24-year-old victim.

She declined to talk to TV Station KGW in Portland, but did tell reporters she noticed his cellphone under the divider from the adjoining stall. She kicked open his door and "we fought."

The incident took place at the Skyland Pub in Troutdale, OR. Lockman is on leave from his job with the David Douglas School District. He was also charged for DUII related to the incident. The pub owners declined to speak about the incident.

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