As the Kennewick High School class of 1971′s 40th reunion approached, an email was sent around relaying the sad news that seven of their 900 graduates had been murdered over years. The news was so shocking, the local paper published a story about it.

However, only six members of the class of ’71 had been murdered, and the seventh, Cheri Taylor, was very much alive.

Taylor learned of her demise when her sister, who still lived in the area and had been receiving condolences, called her and told what had been printed.

Taylor couldn’t attend the reunion due to a friend’s wedding, but said it would have been a “hoot” to show up, in light of the article.

“It’s not like I dropped off the face of the earth,” she told the Tri-City Herald. “I haven’t been there in 35 years, but for goodness sake, I didn’t die.”

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