Are you more scared of zombies, chainsaw maniacs, ghosts and skeletons... or of being seen NAKED? Now there is a haunted house where you can find out.

There are some people with a Haunted House that think most people are more afraid of being seen naked, than anything else in your usual haunted house. So this year they are having an event called "Shocktoberfest" in Sinking Spring Pennsylvania and they are daring people to walk through the haunted house TOTALLY NUDE!

There will be all of the regular thrills... people jumping out at you, lots of screams and freaky noises, etc... but you would be completely NAKED. They are calling it the "Naked and Scared Challenge"

The operators say you don't have to worry about a bunch of perverts and looky-loos trying to see your bits and pieces because it will be dark, and the only people that will be allowed into the house at the same time will also be naked.