The Killer Whale that dragged its trainer to her death a year ago has returned to performance at Sea World in Orlando. Tilikum performed yesterday (3/30) amid new safety measures at the park.

No trainers have been allowed in the water with the orcas since last year's tragedy and there are new safety bars in place between trainers and whales.

Still, it's controversial to have this particular whale back in front of the public at Sea World. The trainers there state that it's extremely important for Tilikum's physical and mental well being to be back in the show. Socialization is key to the health of orcas, as is vigorous physical activity.

As you may remember, Tilikum dragged 40-year old trainer Dawn Brancheau into the pool in February of 2010 and drowned her, to the horror of several thousand Sea World fans. And this is not the first time that Tilikum has been involved in a death. In fact, he's been involved in three dating back to 1992.

Even with the new safety measures, it makes you wonder whether the risk is worth it. Sea World stands by their new safety standards. but they do indicate that at some point, trainers may be back in the water during certain show segments. And the trainers all say that they know and accept the risks. What do you think? Is Sea World taking too much of a chance? Or do you think that the added safety measures will be enough to prevent a future tragedy? For more on the story go to the CBS news site at