Updated: June 4, 2014

The Abilene Zoo is once again planning their summer camps for kids. Classes for pre-schoolers (must be potty trained) are from 9a - 12p and are $75 for members/$85 for non-members. The classes for kindergarten-5th grades are from 9 am - 2:30 pm and are $125 for members/ $145 for non-members.

The classes vary for each age group as do the weeks they are offered. Classes start as early as June 9th and continue throughout the summer. The zoo will also offer after camp care until 5:15 for $10 a day. For more information please contact Joy Harsh at (325) 676-6487 or see the Abilene Zoo website.

Original Post: April 2, 2012

I know it's still a few weeks out but summer break will soon be upon us. That means the kids will be home driving you nuts. What if there was something fun and educational for them to do during the day? Well, there is and it's at the Abilene Zoo. They have their annual summer camp classes coming up with lots of fun in store.

The classes are for pre-schoolers up to 5th grade. Classes cover learning about animals (for the little ones), learning how the zoo works, learning about animals that hunt, how animals disguise themselves, Texas animals, and more. The classes are week long, usually from 9-2:30 pm and there are a variety of subjects to choose from in each age group. There is also after camp care until 5:15pm for a few extra dollars. It sounds like fun but is educational at the same time (but you don't have to tell them they will be "learning").

For more details on the classes, prices and age groups check the Abilene Zoo website.