I struggled with whether or not I was going to put all this out there. My dad was kind of a private man taken way too soon from a family he loved so much. Something else he adored was the Thanksgiving holiday.

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What's not to love? It's a time based on family and gratitude, two things Dad was all about. I inherited my love for the holiday straight from him but never had the chance to truly tell him what it meant to me. I sat down to write a letter to him in heaven. Below is how it came out.


Photo: Brad Elliott
Photo: Brad Elliott

Dear Dad in Heaven,

I hope this letter finds you at peace, surrounded by the warmth and love that you gave to us when you were here. I want to take a moment to tell you about how much I've come to love Thanksgiving, a holiday I know always meant a great deal to you.

Growing up, you would bring our family together, filling the house with the delicious smells of turkey and dressing. It was impossible to be anything but happy on that day. You would share stories from when you were a kid, showing us the importance of family and gratitude. It has stuck with me to this very day.

Since you've been gone, Thanksgiving has taken on a new meaning for me. It's a time to remember and celebrate your life, to be grateful for the time we had together, and to cherish the memories we created as a family. I find myself trying to create the same warmth and love that you gave in hopes that I can pass on those same feelings to my children.

Thank you, Dad, for instilling in me a love for Thanksgiving. It's not just about the food, football, and festivities, but also the love and gratitude we share with the people who mean the most. Your spirit lives on in the traditions you passed down to us, and I'll carry that with me always.

With Eternal Love,

Your Son


Take my advice. Don't let this Thanksgiving pass without expressing thanks and gratitude towards everyone you hold near and dear.

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