Another Thanksgiving will soon be here. It's a special time of year. A time filled with giving. A time to be grateful for our blessings. While many of us will be sitting down to a delicious meal, it's a real struggle for some people in our community. Do you know a family who needs a helping hand? If you've been looking for a great way to give, look no further.

It's time to be "United" for the holidays with 100.7 KOOL FM and United Supermarkets. We're joining forces to provide Thanksgiving meals to deserving families in need. Here's how it works.

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Beginning Monday, November 14, catch me on 100.7 KOOL FM starting at 2 p.m. I'll be taking your calls to nominate a struggling family in our community.

If I draw your name, not only does the family you nominate pick up a $100 gift card to United Supermarkets and Market Street for their Thanksgiving meal, you will too. Now that's what I call "United" for the holidays.

Photo: Getty Images/United Supermarket/Facebook/Canva
Photo: Getty Images/United Supermarket/Facebook/Canva

So, if there's a family you know that's having a difficult time this year, listen for your chance to call in and let me know. Tell your friends so they can tip us off on a deserving family too.

One winner will be chosen every day through November 18. Now is the time to get "United" for the holidays with United Supermarkets and 100.7 KOOL FM. Have a happy, safe Thanksgiving.

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