The 2014 Social Media Marketing convention went down in San Diego last month.  And one part of it featured a woman singing an original song called "Let's Get Social" that was COMICALLY bad.

The actual SINGING wasn't exactly horrible, but the LYRICS were lame. For example, the opening line was, quote, "Showing you things you like / Try to get engagement / Here's some photos from my life / My cat, my kids, some BACON."

And while the woman's singing, the nerd host who wrote it is on stage just LOVING IT, and trying and failing to get people to say "social" during the chorus. Then he comes in halfway through...makes everyone take a selfie...and tries to RAP.

By the way, tickets to the convention cost $1,300 EACH.

(The song starts at 1:06, and he raps at 3:51.)

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