These are actual Christmas gifts, but why would you want to give them to somebody, unless you're looking to NOT have them as friends next year?

What began as a curious search for the most unwanted Christmas gifts led us to this. A hilarious article from the British Newspaper The Telegraph. These actually exist, and there's a website where you can get them.

  • Channeling your inner Psycho? How about a lovely blood stained shower curtain, complete with simulated bloody handprints, and a trail leading down to the edge? It sells for 9.99 pounds (British currency) which would translate to about $20 U.S.-we think.
  • Combination Voodoo doll-knife holder.  This would be the perfect gift for the woman who's recently been jilted or dumped by her man. When fully loaded, the red male figure appears to have a full set of knives run through him, from head to toe.
  • A tote bin that attaches to a walker, the kind used by elderly and disabled people. The tote bin attaches to the four posts of the walker. It may be useful for carrying items, but nothing reminds a person of their physical issues like having their belongings bumping around in a tote box.
  • Insect lollypops! These square 'treats' are mostly clear candy, revealing the center a variety of insets. Ranging from ants, to worms, to a scorpion (dead of course).

Before you think we made this up, here's a link to the website where these can be found. It's called Poke around and find the gift perfect for somebody you don't want as a friend for Christmas 2017!

And an important note. If you're not wanting to poke around too much, bloody shower curtains can also be found by searching at Those ones were inspired by The Walking Dead and zombie craze TV shows.

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