A woman on Reddit revealed her family scolded her for touching her baby bump in front of her sister, who is actively trying to get pregnant.

The woman explained her sister, who already has two children, thought she was done having more kids but has since changed her mind. Unfortunately, she's having difficulty conceiving.

"I found out I was pregnant quite awhile [sic] ago and since the day my sister found out about my pregnancy she has refused to talk to me or be where I am," the woman wrote via Reddit, according to Newsweek. "This was until Mother's Day ... she showed up and ignored me. Since then my mother has told me not to bring up my baby, my pregnancy, or anything related."

During the family get-together, the woman rubbed her belly after her baby kicked.

"While doing so my sister made a face and continued her conversation with her husband," she wrote. "My mother on the other hand started to scold me for 'rubbing my pregnancy in my sister's face.'"

The woman's family essentially told her to ignore her own pregnancy so as not to upset her sister.

"I'm tired of my baby being avoided like the plague. No one even cared to ask what we even plan on naming her," she continued.

In the Reddit comments, users rallied behind the woman, suggesting her family is "toxic."

"If they're treating you like this while pregnant, imagine how they'll treat your baby," one person wrote.

"I hope your husband's side of the family is being supportive. Cut your toxic family members out of your life, you don't need that stress on top of having a newborn," another wrote.

Meanwhile, one person shared how they felt seeing other pregnant women when they were trying to conceive.

"Not that I wasn't happy for them but I was dealing with a lot of loss at the time. But all of that was my issue, not theirs. I can't imagine making it someone else's problem like OP's [original poster's] sister is," they commented.

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