Justin Bieber attracted lots of attention while in South America, having visited a brothel. Then he invited Beliebers to the mansion in which he was staying while in the country for an innocuous feast of junk food.

Now, a 15-second video of the singer sleeping in bed landed online, filmed by a giddy girl, and it sparked some serious (and somewhat out of line) speculation and chatter.

Some suggestions are that the female who turns the camera on herself and blows a kiss -- as if to prove that OMG, she really is there, with JUSTIN BIEBER -- is a Brazilian hooker. Or maybe it is one of the Beliebers who came back to his abode to nosh on Doritos, chocolates and chicken nuggets. We don't know. She has dark hair -- that's all that's obvious. There's no proof they had any sort of relations just because she managed to snap him mid-nap.

She is clearly filming with her iPhone and it's obviously The Biebs -- the tattoos and the face are the dead giveaways. His trusty baseball cap is nearby.

In all honesty, this could have been the daughter of a maid who snuck in for a look at The Biebs. Anything is possible. It doesn't HAVE to be a Brazilian prostitute.

He doesn't appear to be aware that he is being filmed. So it also feels like an invasion of his privacy an in icky sort of way.

The only thing we can safely say about this video? That Justin Bieber actually sleeps! More specifically, he is a side sleeper who appears comfortable in the fetal position while resting.

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