Shortly after witnessing what may be one of the world's worst commercials of the year, we are now given what may be one of the best.

Heineken has come out with a nearly four-and-a-half-minute commercial that focuses on people with opposing views coming together and then discussing their differences over a beer. There's something relatable about people from all backgrounds hunkering down and talking calmly over a beer, isn't there?

Sure, we're never all going to see eye to eye over everything, but this spot reminds us that we can understand points of view that are not our own while also maintaining respect for those who subscribe to opinions we don't share.

The clip builds up slowly to hammer home its thesis. Strangers with diametrically opposing ways of seeing the world meet each other and get to know each other, creating a rapport that carries over once they discover the other person stands for everything they despise.

It's thought-provoking, hopeful and a good reference for Pepsi the next time the soft drink company wants to make a commercial that gets people talking.

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