Now that spring weather is here we are all thinking about things to do and places to go. Texas, being the most awesome state in America, just released the latest information on some new paddling trails to visit.

While I am not much of a paddle boating fan, my family is. I prefer fishing. Nonetheless, while they go down the river, I drive downstream and pick them up.

A brand new trail in the Coastal Bend is opening up soon, and it boasts up to five miles of views. One can expect to see gorgeous birds, lush greenery, fishing opportunities, and the beauty of Oso Bay at Corpus Christi Texas.

What I think is cool is that they have improved the fishing portion of this trail, where you can stop along the way to take in the beauty and landscape of our incredible Lone Star State. The Oso Bay is just one of 82 official paddling trails available throughout Texas.

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This new trail at Oso Bay also has an official name - The Ron R. Smith Memorial Paddling Trail on Oso Bay. This trail opens on Wednesday, April 17, 2024. So start making plans for a fun family weekend.

These trails provide well-mapped accessible day trips in a variety of settings and for all levels of paddling experience. With more than 3,700 named streams, 15 major rivers and some 3,300 miles of tidal shoreline along the Gulf Coast, Texas offers unlimited possibilities for paddling adventures and angling opportunities of all types.

One thing to remember is if you're going paddling and angling you will need to have your fishing license, be prepared. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department even has a "TPWD Texas Paddling Trails Program" online that you can check into.

Make this the coolest summer ever with help from the TPWD. Remember that in Texas alone there are over 80 paddling trails. Enjoy!

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