Here's Another Reason Why I Rather Take The Train To From Mineola, TX to DFW Airport.

When DFW Airport acknowledged that it had a vehicle theft problem and that they would be increasing patrols at the 28-square-mile property, it inspired me to share with you how I always get to DFW airport from East Texas and I don't have to worry about leaving my vehicle there.

But now, another announcement from DFW FURTHER confirms why my method, (although "time consuming") is effective.

The Airport Announced Plans To Raise Parking Rates On May 1.

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DFW International announced plans to raise its parking rates by $2 to $5 a day including a $3 increase for drivers passing through the airport.

The changes include terminal daily parking rates previously $27, now $32; express covered rates previously $18, now $21; express uncovered rates previously $15, now $18; remote rates previously $12, now $14; valet rates previously $40, now $45 according to the Dallas Morning News.

And this is why....

I Take The Train From Mineola.

Melz On The MIC
Melz On The MIC

Purchase a train ticket on the Amtrak website to Dallas from Mineola and ride it to the Downtown Dallas train station.

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Pull into Mineola check out the Transportation and Depot Museum on Front Street. Its a lot of cool stuff in there and then catch the Texas Eagle train to Dallas.

The Texas Eagle departs daily at 9:25 AM going to Dallas.


If you have a late afternoon or night time flight, this is the way to go in my opinion.

For around roughly $10 bucks each way, you can ride the Amtrak from Mineola to downtown Dallas and then take the Orange line DART train to DFW airport. The Orange line is just a few blocks from the Dallas Amtrak Station in the West End. It also stops near Dallas Love Field so if you're flying out of there, this is also a viable option.

For about $2.50 you can hop on the orange line and it will take you about an hour to get to DFW. Grand total: $12.50 for a one way trip to DFW, and you can leave your car at home and save on gas plus beat the rising parking rates.

And you've possibly saved your car from getting stolen and yes it goes both ways but remember to make sure you have enough time to make it all happen..

Check out some photos in our gallery below!

Take A Texas Train Ride On Amtrak From Mineola

Enjoy views from The Texas Eagle Amtrak Train out of Mineola To Temple

Gallery Credit: Melz On The MIC

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