Poor Justin Bieber! Just a day after it was reported he was on his best behavior in Argentina, enjoying a quiet sushi meal with his family and close associates, the 'Believe' singer has been banned from almost all hotels in Buenos Aires. What happened?

TMZ reports that the Biebs actually wasn't at fault -- his Beliebers were. Officials at the Hotel Faena, where Bieber was staying at the beginning of his stint in the South American country, got fed up with destructive fans ruining hotel property and causing a racket for other guests.

Fans camped outside and even tore down police barricades that had been erected to keep them off of the grounds.

Bieber's team has been searching for hotels for the singer to stay in for his remaining days in the city, but every one told him no because of the problems his fans would bring. His personnel had to scramble to find a place for him and his 25-member crew to stay after his sold out Buenos Aires show on Nov. 9.

Beliebers, please behave yourselves -- JB needs his Zzzzs!

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