After a series of headline-making behavior in Brazil, ranging from alleged brothel visits to vandalism to being filmed while sleeping, Justin Bieber had a low-key excursion with his family and a few close friends while he was in Argentina for his Believe tour. The most exotic part? The food!

"He was with his family having a nice dinner," Sushi Club assistant manager Maximo Lanusse told E! News. "They had a variety of sushi. They were having a good time and they were relaxed," Lanusse added, noting that Biebs was accompanied by about seven people. They had a table in the back and it was busy but they enjoyed their dinner and seemed happy and having a good time."

Deets? "They came in around 1:30 p.m. It was his mom, two little kids, and a younger guy in his 30s and a lady that didn't seem to be family -- she was working and organizing things," Lanusse dished. "They had a shrimp appetizer and then had crispy prawns, sushi rolls, an avocado roll and sashimi including salmon, whitefish and tuna."

Lanusse also said that while Bieber is legal drinking age in Argentina, "They drank water except for the guy in his 30's who had a beer. They were all very friendly and were very nice people."

Biebs, more days like this and fewer nights with the likes of Lil Twist can do wonders for your career!

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