What's next? Banning glass windows? That question is being asked cynically after police in Ballard, WA  arrested man who was high on meth and PCP and attacked people using a shard of glass from a broken window.

Saturday afternoon, police in this Seattle suburb received 9-1-1 calls from shoppers who said the 22-year-old unidentified man kicked out a restaurant front window, causing it to shatter. He than picked up a piece of the broken glass, began to threaten customers inside.

He then turned his attention to a couple who had just left a nearby consignment shop. They were not able to get away, and he attacked them with the shard. Other citizens tackled and restrained him until police arrived. The couple were treated for minor, non-life threatening wounds.

Authorities say the man was found to be high on methamphetamine and PCP. After being taken to a nearby hospital, he was booked into the King County Jail on a variety of charges.


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