You talk about true love. Johnnie Brown of Ocala, Florida wanted to get a couple of gifts for his girlfriend who was about to be released from jail.


So he went into the local Wal Mart store and tried to steal a couple of bras for her! Hey I guess he even knew her size.

He was recorded on surveillance cameras riding around the Wal Mart on a handicapped cart, stopping in the lingerie department and stuffing two bras down his pants. When he tried to leave the store, he was detained by loss prevention officers, and found to have $350 cash in his pocket.

He told the officers he couldn't use that money for the bras because it was rent money. The brassieres in question were priced at $13 and $7.

So I guess maybe his girlfriend will have to go shoplifting for him to celebrate his release....or maybe not. Remember, it's the thought that counts. You can see the full story here at

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