Some people think the restaurant is wrong for doing this. In my opinion, don't take the money and we never would have seen you.

Our Place Restaurant over in Mansfield, Texas has a video that recently went viral. In fact, they have a lot of videos that go viral. They have a history of putting videos of their customers online that break the law. A lot of those videos are of patrons dining and dashing. They put the videos on their Facebook page and tell their fans that these people owe them some money.

This tactic works because in a small Texas town, everybody knows everybody. So that shame gets you to come in and pay up. This time, some people say the restaurant is in the wrong. A family of four came into the restaurant, two adults, and two kids. One of the kids happened to see a tip left on the table, showed her mom and then hid it under the kid's menu.

Now this happens all the time at a restaurant. The thing most of us do is hand it over to the server and say, 'I think this is from the last table.' The video has been taken down since the mom saw herself on Facebook and returned the five dollars to the server. She did not realize her daughter had actually taken money that was meant to be a tip and calls it a misunderstanding.

Since the video has been taken down, I cannot see exactly what happened. According to Fox 4, the girl showed the money to her Mom. So she did know about it and should have taken it from her daughter. The restaurant owner says incidents happen like this all the time and always takes down the videos once the money is returned. “If they make it right, we’re fine with that,” Benji Arslanovski the owner said.

What do you think? Was the restaurant wrong for posting the video with a kid involved this time?

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