Hurricane Harvey made landfall 10 PM CDT as a category 4 hurricane near Rockport, Texas, with wind speeds of 130 MPH. Harvey was the first Category 4 hurricane since 2004.

Put your life first and property second.

Officials in Rockport, Texas were worried about the destruction Harvey could bring and asked the residents who refused to evacuate to write their social security numbers on their arms. This would make identifying bodies easier in the event of a search and rescue. 400 people have been sent by the U.S.Department of Transportation to aid in evacuation efforts. 250 roads statewide were closed off.

A look at how much water sits in houston right now.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott urged residents to leave the areas in the path of Harvey, "Put your life first and property second." Abbott said.

Offshore workers on oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico were evacuated Thursday as a precautionary measure.

Five deaths have been reported as of now, the number could rise as rescue efforts continue. A man confirmed found but unknown how he died. A woman has been swept away in the storm.

The National Weather Service reports 15 to 50 inches of rain could fall while the storm continues.

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