Well, if what happens in Vegas isn’t going to stay in Vegas, as many people as possible should probably put naked pictures of themselves up on Facebook to make it okay. It’s maybe not how we would deal with the Naked Prince Harry Fiasco of 2012, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening right now.

A Facebook group called “Support Prince Harry With a Naked Salute,” originally limited to members of the military, has grown in size to almost 17,000 members and doesn’t show signs of stopping.

The group was started on August 24, and in addition to its almost 17,000 members has 10,000 requests to join. Photos on the page range from old guys wearing nothing but a trophy to a fully clothed little girl giving a salute. So, not exactly SFW, but not exactly NSFW.

Members of the group who post photos really are taking a stand and siding with Prince Harry — to post a picture you have to tag yourself in it as well. We don’t know if it’ll calm down the Queen, but it certainly is giving the world plenty of other naked people to look at (because there’s a real shortage of them on the internet).

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