Babies. They're so cute and so precious. Then they grow up and mouth off.

We're not saying that's going to happen to this precious little girl here, but the signs are trending in that direction.

She's dealing with a case of the hiccups and her dad, being a proud papa, feels her pain. And that's when she surprises her father by slowly giving him the finger.

Wow, flipping off your dad while still in diapers is good for a laugh, but it's going to cause problems when she gets older and learns her four-letter words and uses them to express her displeasure when he won't let her take the airplane car out or hologram over to her friend's house or whatever else kids in the future do for fun.

For now, though, look at that face -- how can anyone stay mad at this little angel, especially when she has no clue she's showing him so much disrespect?

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