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'The Walking Dead' Drinking Game
'The Walking Dead' is back for another killer season. So, to add some more excitement, and a Monday morning hangover, here are some drinking game rules to follow along with the show.
'Walking Dead' Boss Hints at 'Fear' Ties to The Whisperers
Walking Dead companion series Fear The Walking Dead wrapped up its second season with a few hints of the world leaning farther into the zombie apocalypse, but fans will always wonder if the two series would ever cross over. Robert Kirkman even offered a tantalizing hint at New York Comic-Con, sugges…
'Walking Dead' Uncensored Negan Entrance Has 23 F-Bombs
Long before The Walking Dead announced that Jeffrey Dean Morgan would take up the bat as the iconic Negan, fans repeatedly questioned how any adaptation would do justice to the villain’s pottymouth. We got a taste with the Season 6 finale, along with promises a more accurate version would arr…

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