Seven seasons in, we’re used to the sweat-drenched aesthetic of AMC’s The Walking Dead, given summer shoots and the Atlanta climate. Said schedule has never allowed The Walking Dead to film in truly cold, even snowy conditions, as frequently seen in the comics, for which producers discuss the potential for a standalone episode filmed in winter.

Even as Walking Dead comics have only occasionally made use of weather as a plot point, there’s no denying that the AMC series has overlooked any sense of the colder months; odd given that the story moved from Atlanta to outside Washington D.C. The series still shoots in Atlanta, for which executive producer Greg Nicotero told he’d at least thought out what it would take for a snowier episode:

I don’t know how we would pull it off. I would love to do it. I know Scott [Gimple] would love to do it. The show is 52 weeks a year. To literally generate an in-between script and shoot in the winter, I don’t know how we would be able to pull it off even though I think it would be great. I think everybody would love to do it because it would be different. I would never wanna rule it out, but it’s tough because that would mean that in the middle of finishing episodes to air, we’d have to be writing another episode. Then you’d have to bring everybody back for a standalone which would be, probably, expensive.

Still, it’s an intriguing thought, if only to shake up The Walking Dead’s visual aesthetic, and perhaps tell a one-off story removed from the core cast and conflicts. At the very least, perhaps Fear The Walking Dead could one day relocate to a colder climate, once the California/Mexico stories play out.

In the meantime, The Walking Dead Season 7 returns this Sunday with “Rock in the Road,” previews for which you can find below.

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