Down backroads off of hunting leases, you're bound to see some pretty redneck ways of transporting a kill. But on Interstate 10? Yep.

Seventy-year-old Bobby Wuest of Seguin, Texas not only transported the 200-pound buck he bagged down I-10 for 160 miles, but he did so with the carcass practically doing a headstand on the front of his jeep. He said that friends helped him attach the buck to a winch using pulleys.

Seguin Gazette reporter Jennifer Luna, who also took the photo, revealed that the story reached more than 83,000 people on their Facebook page -- three times the population of Seguin.

Wuest told reporters that he received lots of "thumbs up and perfect hand gestures and people taking pictures of it one after another."

He did receive some negative feedback like, "that's the kind of stuff that gives hunters a bad name," but mostly positive responses along the lines of this one: "I'm ready to eat some back strap."

Wuest is the owner of Wuest Inc, a family owned chain of Pic-N-Pac convenience stores.

While Seguin is about 30 miles east of San Antonio, this type of thing certainly might be something to keep a look out for here in West Texas.

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