We all love to go on vacation! Just to get out of town for awhile and do whatever floats our boat. As much fun or relaxing a vacation can be, there are things that we miss from home when we travel.

Sometimes the best part of vacation or traveling can be coming home! Most of the time my husband and I travel together so I always miss our cats and our bed! On the rare occasion that I'm traveling without my husband then he'd be at the top of the list of things I would miss from home.

A recent survey found that I'm not alone.

According to this survey here are the top 10 things people miss the most when they travel.

1.  Pets, 67 percent.

2.  Work colleagues, 55 percent.

3.  Their own bed, 51 percent.

4.  Their favorite TV shows, 43 percent.

5.  Close family members, 22 percent.

6.  Being able to do laundry, 19 percent.

7.  A decent cup of coffee, 12 percent.

8.  Driving, 10 percent.

9.  Their favorite restaurant or bar, 7 percent.

10.  Being in their own house, 5 percent.

What do you miss the most? Take our poll below and let us know.

Oh and funny the funny thing is the survey also asked what are the things you miss most from vacation once your home? The top answers where: the weather, drinking adult beverages every day and the time off work.

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