Another week in sports, and more athletes seem to be in trouble with the law.

So who takes the crown of biggest bonehead right now?It’s remarkable how some people just can’t stay out of trouble. Some athletes fall into some bad habits, and it’s hard for them to break. Others, they just make some really bad decisions.

NASCAR drug tests their drivers quite often, and has a pretty tough substance abuse policy. AJ Allmendinger failed a drug test this week and has been suspended by NASCAR indefinitely. Allmendinger doesn’t believe he is guilty, but will participate in the Road To Recovery Program until his appeal is heard.

A couple of football players are also in trouble for some pretty stupid reasons. Detroit Lions cornerback Aaron Berry got arrested for the second time in July, this time for assault involving a firearm. With the recent events in Colorado, not the smartest of moves.

Michigan defensive end Frank Clark has been suspended by the Wolverines after being arrested for theft. Clark stole a laptop from the dorms where he was staying. Frank, if you needed a computer that badly, why not just hit up the computer lab?

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