A man on Reddit claims his ex is trying to unload her two adopted daughters on him during their divorce.

In his post, the man detailed he has two children from a previous relationship, while his ex, Sally, has four biological children and two adopted daughters from her previous relationship.

Together they have one biological child, totaling nine children altogether.

He explained that the two adopted daughters, an 11-year-old from Colombia and a 7-year-old from South Korea, live with him full time since Sally's ex wants nothing to do with the kids as the ex "has the daughter he always wanted."

Sally has apparently been living in her mother's house with her children while she and OP [original poster] go through their divorce proceedings.

"Sally wants to leave her adopted girls with me as part of the divorce proceedings as she too doesn't want them," the man wrote via Reddit. "She feels she has a bio daughter and has no need for them anymore. She is extra adamant that she should not have them as the adoption agency cheated her out of a hapa child."

Hapa is short for the Hawaiian word hapalua, meaning "half," and often refers to people with mixed ethnic ancestry, according to NPR.

The man noted Sally's 7-year-old is not Eurasian "as she had hoped," but rather half Vietnamese and half South Korean.

However, the man feels he is not in a position to take the children. "I don't want them as I have never been a father figure and the girls still talk about her ex as their dad despite no contact for so long," he continued. "I simply can't afford more children than what I already have. I made a report to CPS when she mentioned she would re-home them if I wouldn't take them."

The man contacted CPS, and Sally's ex, who works with children, was placed on "temporary leave" while CPS did an investigation.

"In the meantime CPS has custody of all her children. My son is with me," the man shared, noting that Sally is furious with him and doesn't "understand" why he can't take the two girls.

In a comment added to his original post, the man added that Sally has been searching on Facebook for possible families to "rehome" the girls with.

"When I said no she went and found two people/families on Facebook to give them to. Abandoning children like that is illegal here," he wrote, adding, "I informed them [CPS] of the two people/families that she found on Facebook to give her adopted daughters to. That triggered the removal and the living conditions were not good either even if it was a temporary accommodation until she finds a new place."

In the comments, Reddit users were baffled by the situation.

"Those poor kids. They adopted the kids and then had a daughter so they no longer need or want them? Who are these awful people? Kids aren't dogs you rehome," one person wrote.

"I have four rescue dogs and I would never ever ever treat my dogs like that. Adopted children, particularly internationally adopted ones, who are 'rehomed' by their adoptive parents outside of the system, often end up trafficked and horrifically abused because the parents don't care or understand how to properly vet potential families," another commented.

"As an adoptee, this is just so depressing. I wasn't an easy child to raise — autistic, anxiety disorder, panic attacks, speech and learning delays, social communication deficits. Thank goodness I landed in a family that loved and accepted me, warts and all," someone else shared.

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