A new animated web series finds rockers telling stories from their wild past. Our sister site Loudwire has created Epic Rock Tales, with Ace Frehley and Lita Ford featuring in the first few episodes.

In the video above, Frehley – whose covers album, Origins Vol. 1, is coming out on April 15 – recounts a day back when he was in Kiss. He woke up in Canada, had dinner in Texas and then flew to Mexico City in time for the next night’s concert. While in the lobby of his hotel in Mexico, he sees “this really cute Mexican model, and she had blonde hair, [which is] very rare in Mexico — most of the women have dark hair. So I invite her up to my room.” What starts off sounding like it’s going to be a typical rock star encounter with a groupie then takes a surreal turn.

Ford’s story, on the other hand starts off with a bizarre premise: Ozzy Osbourne having Easter dinner at her parents’ house. Because who better to help celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ than the self-proclaimed Prince of Darkness? Ford begins by describing the sight of neighbors surprised to see Osbourne’s limousine riding down a suburban street. Once inside the house, it all goes pear-shaped.

After being poured a glass of wine by Ford’s mother, Ozzy takes the bottle and begins chugging away, sinking lower and lower into his chair. Then it comes time for the meal, where Ford’s father makes the mistake of giving Osbourne the honor of carving the roast leg of lamb with an electric knife. Watch the clip above to find out what happened next.

New episodes of Epic Rock Tales will be available every Monday at 12PM Eastern over at Loudwire’s YouTube page.

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