Back in June, jobs website Indeed created a commercial where Mike Reno of Loverboy re-thought the lyrical philosophy behind their hit, "Working for the Weekend." For an encore, they've created a new ad in which Lita Ford plays a music teacher.

In the spot, called "Celebrate: Music Teacher," we see Ford dressed conservatively with her hair tied back. She's pulling sheet music off stands and putting them in her handbag. "So let's just say you've browsed Indeed's 16 million job listings," the narrator says, "and found a great new job working as a music teacher. Now what do you do? You celebrate." Cut to Ford shredding on a Fender Stratocaster in the classroom as the music echoes down the empty hallways. Ad Week notes that Ford performed the solo live, with no post-production

"I'd guess most folks won't even know it's her," Tim Cawley of Sleek Machine, the agency that produced the clip, tells the publication. "But the upside to using her is that there is a little PR/earned media angle, too."

Although they're part of different campaigns, Cawley sees a connection between Reno's -- one of Indeed's most successful videos in terms of social media sharing -- and Ford's commercials. "People are massively interested in seeing their '80s rock heroes in a new context," he says, "We've always dreamed of working with Skid Row or Ratt," says Cawley. "And Jon Bon Jovi is free to email us anytime."

This April, Ford will release Time Capsule, a collection of previously unreleased tapes from the late '80s that she discovered in her house. Rick Nielsen and Robin Zander of Cheap Trick are featured on the record, as is Gene Simmons of Kiss.

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