There is a new virus going around and it preys on our curiosity of photos of ourselves on Facebook. 

The virus, first spotted by the security firm Sophos, will come to you by an email Facebook notification. At least that’s what it will look like, but it’s not officially from Facebook. The email will inform you that a “friend” has tagged you in a photo.

According to, the email will say:

“Greetings, One of Your Friends added a new photo with you to the album…,” says the email. “You are receiving this email because you’ve been listed as a close friend.”

The email will also have a button to click to see the photo in an attachment, which by the way Facebook never will do! To be on the safe side, if you get an unsolicited email from Facebook (or twitter and your bank for that matter)  just go directly to the website and sign in instead of clicking a link from an email. Better to be safe than sorry!

Sophos products now has detection of the malware as Troj/Agent-XNN. They have also posted pictures of what the email looks like.

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