Thanksgiving has come and gone and those Black Friday deals are still lingering. Next up: Cyber Monday, the Monday following Thanksgiving. In the past Cyber Monday has been an exclusive, one-day event. But nowadays it seems that all these sales run together which makes the urge to buy even more commonplace. You've got to have some type of plan going in.

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The pros from NerdWallet have laid out tips on planning your Cyber Monday shopping strategy. These are quick and easy tips that could save you time and money.


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Know What's Going on Sale

It's a good idea to check retailers' announcements and updates for what might be going on sale. The pros expect to see big savings on electronics like computers as well as discounts on hotels and cruise lines just to name a few.


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Use Shopping Tools

You're already going to be on your phone or computer anyway, so why not take advantage of shopping apps to maximize your savings? The experts at NerdWallet recommend reputable tools such as PayPal Honey, Shop Savvy, and others that can help get the job done.


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Know Your Budget and Payment Options

Believe me, it's easy to get carried away with holiday spending. Credit cards have us addicted to the "buy now, pay later" way of things. As you budget your expenses, especially when it comes to credit cards, just ask yourself a couple of questions. Do I already have credit card debt? Am I able to take on more debt?


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Photo: RomarioIen/Getty Images

Resist the Urge to Buy Everything Now

Have no fear. There's no need to gobble up all the savings in one day. In fact, most retailers stretch Cyber Monday savings out for an entire week. Remember, they have inventory they want to push so the deals will continue.

The deals are out there this year and you can save some time and money by adding the above steps to your holiday shopping.

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