Love was surprisingly in the air for The Walking Dead last night, but another pairing may not end up so lucky by next week’s “Knots Untie.” Can Abraham and Sasha work things out, or has Alexandria filled its quota for love in a hopeless place?

Be warned of potential spoilers for Sunday’s “The Next World” from here on out, but Abraham and Sasha may not fare so well as Rick and Michonne in forging a new relationship, if we go by the first sneak peek of next week’s “Knots Untie.” The two certainly had their moment back in “Always Accountable,” before getting sidetracked by that whole “blow up the motorcycle gang / save Alexandria” thing, but Sasha looks to be keeping her distance.

AMC has yet to release a formal synopsis for the hour (not that they’re ever terribly specific anyway), but will Abraham and Sasha pull focus from the urgent matter “Jesus” interrupted Rick and Michonne’s post-coital slumber with? What glimpse of a larger world might “Knots Untie” bring?

Check out the sneak peek above, as well as below, and stay tuned for the latest.

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