This year has been one for the books. Last night (6/20), thunderstorms rumbled through the Abilene area with a LOT of lightning and some much needed rain. But high winds accompanying the storms caused damage to trees and structures in the region.

On my way to work this morning I saw large signs at the Arrow Ford dealership blown down on top of vehicles. There will definitely be some damage. The Wes-T-Go convenience store next to our studios at South First and Leggett sustained roof damage due to the wind.

On the other side of our weather, the relentless heat and gusty winds fueled major wildfires that threatened Blackwell, Texas and necessitated some evacuations in the Maryneal community. I talked to a volunteer firefighter at a restaurant this past weekend who had second degree burns on both arms from hot cinders blown onto him. He said that the firefighters are stretched as thin as it gets, even with the help of the Forest Service. They just don't have enough equipment and bodies to keep up with it.

We've got a good chance of more rain tonight (6/21), on the official first day of Summer. How's that for timing? And going into this weekend, we'll be right back to highs in the low 100s. May and June have shattered temperature records. So hang on. It's going to be a wild ride this summer across west Texas.

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