On the list of ‘Most Awesome Muppets’, the Swedish Chef rates VERY high.  Unless you’re Swedish.  Then he’s probably your LEAST favorite Muppet.

Slate.com decided to find out what actual Swedes think of the Swedish Chef . . . and it turns out they’re not fans.  Here’s why . . .

For starters, everyone’s constantly ASKING them about the Swedish Chef.  And that gets annoying.

Also, while the gibberish he speaks is supposed to be Swedish, it actually sounds more like NORWEGIAN.

Slate says, quote, “Swedish and Norwegian share a common linguistic antecedent, and Swedes and Norwegians easily understand each other’s languages.

“The accents are quite different, however, and there are words that are exclusive to each dialect.  The tongues are dissimilar enough for Swedes to be able to hear Norwegian in the Swedish Chef’s ramblings instead of Swedish.”

Here’s a classic “Muppet Show” clip of the Swedish Chef making chocolate “moose”.  How can ANYBODY hate on this?

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