It's amazing how much you can learn at a doctor visit. Even if it's a visit for someone besides yourself.

I took my Mom to an appointment earlier today, and got a 20-minute lesson in how the human brain works, and what it needs. Turns out your brain needs the proper food, exercise, and care that most of your other parts do. Maybe even more so.

Keeping your brain sharp and working at high speed is actually fairly simple but most of us don't do what we are supposed to.  Scientists are learning more and more that the proper diet is extremely important for the brain. As the doctor said today, "Eat what your Mom told you to eat". That means plenty of green veggies, less junk food, and variety in your daily intake.

The brain also needs a lot of exercise. Reading is important, but it's just as important to discuss what you read. Discussion works a different part of brain than reading. Makes sense.

And the brain needs socialization. Visits with friends, family, coworkers, and the public at large all work our brains out and keep them running smoothly and quickly.

My Mom has a penchant for junk food and always has.  As a result, the doc said that she has some hardening of the her head (!)  He indicated that the simple things listed above are vitally important to keeping brain wiring in ideal condition well into old age.   They can't yet cure all the forms of dementia that come with getting old,  but they're learning that we can sure postpone some of the symptoms by following just a few simple tips as a lifestyle, not just a treatment after we've neglected the care of our gray matter.

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